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We are the company we keep. BOSGOED exists to fortify the communities we live in through strategic partnerships and open communication. Our team is led by Gary Bosgoed, an accomplished and recognized leader in the industry. Our work as project consultants allows us to manage a wide variety of infrastructure items—from roads and bridges to offices, schools and hospitals, to shopping malls, arenas, apartments and water systems.



B.A.Sc., Industrial Systems Engineering

Gary is the man behind every move that BOSGOED makes.
He lives, eats and breathes project management.

Gary is a member of the Peepeekisis First Nation. In his extensive career he has worked with over 100 First Nations groups across Canada, employing or subcontracting over 400 First Nations people in the process.

Gary is the winner of numerous awards, including the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Business and Commerce in 2003. As an experienced business, project and community leader, Gary is an expert in delivering projects successfully with indigenous communities. He has raised over $100M for First Nations community projects and understands the complex delivery systems and processes that make up the business ecosystem.

Whether dealing with small projects or immersing himself in mega-project delivery, Gary has the expertise in business systems and metrics that you need to ensure your next project is a success.

His corporate experience is invaluable to organizations needing organizational effectiveness, business metrics and systems, business development, and strategy.

Great Business is Built by BOSGOED

With Gary at the helm, Bosgoed Project Consultants provides project and business consulting services to project developers and communities from the concept stage to the completed project. Bosgoed brings together subject matter experts from across Canada to deliver results.